A Tale of Two Cities is an 1859 novel written by Charles Dickens. Christopher Nolan used it as an inspiration for thematic aspects of The Plane Scene as well as The Dark Knight Rises.

Similarities (in chronological order):

  • Masketta Man, Bane's right-hand man, is named Barsad in the credits. Barsad is the name of a spy in ATOTC.
  • When replying to the Wreckage Brother, Bane remarks "The Fire Rises!" This is the name of a chapter of ATOTC.
  • Themes of political revolution (especially with respect to wealth) are prevalent in both works.
  • In the second courthouse scene, Bane can be seen knitting. This is a reference to Madame DeFarge's knitting in ATOTC.
  • The post-credit scenes feature a mysterious man wearing a bat costume. Analysis of this man's scenes reveal a hidden backstory which parallels the sacrifice of a main character in ATOTC.
  • Another post-credit scene features the final lines of ATOTC, when a police officer named Gordon eulogizes a fallen comrade.
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