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*'''The CIA'''
*'''The CIA'''
*'''Central Intelligence Agency'''
*'''Central Intelligence Agency'''
==Known Members==
==Known Members==

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The Agency is the mysterious entity with which CIA filed the Flight Plan.

Also Known As

  • The Agent C
  • The Aegean Sea
  • The CIA
  • Central Intelligence Agency
  • Ettin

Known Members


  • Another interpretation is that the Flight Plan was not filed by CIA himself, but in fact by Ijuss.
  • The Agency may not be an organization at all, but instead a colleague of CIA's. His codename could be the Agent C, and he could be stationed somewhere around the Aegean Sea.
  • One theory states the possibility that the agency was, for a while, in cahoots with Bane and the League of Shadows. If true, this would parallel real-world accusations against the CIA funding Al Qaeda (and ISIS to an extent).
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