As it is disputed by Banescholars what the correct Flight Plan listed by CIA is, there are many different interpretations. This page is for all other interpretations than those already on the Flight Plan page.

The "Bad Memory" Interpretation

This interpretation postulates that CIA does not actually correctly read the Flight Plan. He may have trouble reciting such a long list without being able to see it, or is overworked from doing the job of the entire CIA. Not being able to remember what names he has already read, he repeats some names, skipping others. The listing is as follows:

CIA begins to forget what names he has already said, and doubting himself due to his smallness, starts repeating names just to be sure everybody hears.

  • Juan (second time)
  • Tiéu Toque
  • Getzda
  • Stane
  • Mae
  • Eric Raft
  • Hugh Pediéu
  • Tiéu (second time)
  • Ghrab
  • Dr. Pavel (second time)
  • Hayden Flass O'Goode
  • Hugh (second time)
  • Juan (third time)
  • Stout Ryan Axed
  • Tallum E.
  • Au Bowt
  • Bane
  • Wydosi Weir
  • Thumb Asque
  • Laut Aloe L. T.
  • Phor
  • Ahyred Gunn
  • Atlís
  • Hugh (third time)
  • Kantaaq
  • Hugh (fourth time)
  • Aoure
  • Hugh (fifth time)

It is notable that at this time, CIA lists Hugh three times nearly in a row. It is possible that this is simply CIA's subconscious fearing that Hugh will pee out the open door, and these worries manifest as part of the listing in CIA's tired and confused state.

  • Eve Igh
  • Pultha Toph
  • Will
  • Hugh (sixth time)
  • Deigh
  • Eyore

It is unknown why CIA decided to reference the name of a children's book character during such a tense situation. This may be an attempt at humor to defuse the situation and avoid a fight. Bane appears not to understand CIA's joke.

  • Abi Gai
  • Voss Göeting
  • Kaut Bartauv
  • Eyore (second time)

Either CIA does not remember telling Bane this 'joke', or he simply believes that Bane did not understand it, and is trying to repeat it to get Bane to understand.

  • Pulan
  • Will (second time)
  • Khan Gradd
  • Gel A. Jean's
  • Hugh (seventh time)
  • Gottier Zulf
  • Kaut (second time)
  • Nâvou Watts
  • Dan X. Steppe
  • Avyeu (fourth time)
  • Urma Stiêr
  • Planne
  • Noh Thyse
  • Kant B.
  • "Happy" N. Ying
  • Aymin Jarge
  • Heer (second time)

Overall, this interpretation paints CIA as a forgetful, distracted person. It may also give an insight into CIA's and Bane's past together, as "Eyore" appears to be an inside joke from their past. Hugh also seems to be mentioned a lot on the list. His prominence in CIA's mind has a multitude of possible explanations.

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