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General Information
Occupation Big guy
Size Massive

A Baneposter is an individual who spreads the word of Bravo Nolan's Plane Scene by Baneposting, making the Fire rise in doing so. Being a Baneposter requires no form of membership, and is easy to do but difficult to master, for you. A Baneposter who is diligent enough can earn the title of Banescholar. Their sworn enemies are known as Hotheads.

Also Known AsEdit

  • Brother
  • Initiated
  • Coolhead
  • Big Guy

Initiating BanepostingEdit

Cia party

A Baneposter surrounded by the unitiated.


A Baneposter's perspective on life

Baneposting can be approached in a number of different ways, but is typically initiated by a Baneposter with an image of a character alongside a quote from that character. A popular choice of starting character is CIA, but Bane is seen almost as frequently. Another approach that saw rapid rise in the baneposting community was to begin the discussion by observing or questioning a specific part of the scene. The deep and mysterious character Masketta Man frequently perplexes novice Baneposters due to how complex and difficult to understand he is for them.
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