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Welcome, brothers, to the Encyclopædia Masketta. The purpose of this wiki is to collect and preserve information, theories and original content about Bravo Nolan's magnum opus, the Plane Scene.

All initiated content is welcome in this wiki. In return, we ask you for only two things:

1) Don't be a hothead.

2) All theories are to be held equally valid.

Rule number 1 should be plain and indisputable. Regarding rule 2, we ask that users do not overwrite the contributions and ideas of others. Since Bravo Nolan's dialogue is multi-layered and complex, several different interpretations can be found for even the briefest bits of dialogue. In this wiki, we will embrace them all.

Help The Fire Rise!

Go ahead and contribute by adding a page for your favourite Bane-related creative project or your newest and wildest theory! Or, if you're feeling lazy, just list something you would like to learn more about in the Requested Articles. A friendly Banescholar will doubtless expand upon your topic posthaste!

Featured Article

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Aidan Gillen is an Irish actor best known for his breakout role in the Plane Scene. His secondary work includes Game of Thrones, The Wire, One day in the Skarch and the original British Queer as Folk. His birthday on April 24 is a celebrated event in the Baneposting community.

Featured OC

Nietzschean Baneposting explores the Plane Scene through the lens of the philosophy of late 19th century German thinker Friedrich Nietzsche, developed further by modern genius Bravo Nolan.

Some of the concepts Nolan explores include the Übermensch or "Superman", master-slave morality, and the ideas of Time being a Flat Circle and God being dead.

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