Banescholars are a group of devoted baneposters who dedicate there life the meticulous study and research of the plane scene. It is said that they guard the secrets of the plane scene from falling into the hands of the hotheads. It has also been said that they have the power to speak to BRAVONOLAN himself.

Becoming a Banescholar

It is said that only the biggest and brightest of baneposters can join their holy order. that said they have a list of minimum requierments that must be met before they will consider letting in a new member the requierments are as followed:

  1.  You are NOT a hothead
  2. you have been baneposting for at least one year
  3. you watch the plane scene at least once a month
  4. you are an active baneposter on either 8chan or 4chan
  5. you have made bane oc in the last 2 months

there is also secret requierments to help stop hotheads from infultrating the group. nothing else is known about the group at this time
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