General Information
Born July 16th, 2012
Nationality International
Occupation Baneposter
Affiliation Flight Plan, Master Plan
Size Big Guys
Portrayed by It doesn't matter who we are

Banescholars are a group of devoted Baneposters who dedicate their life to the meticulous study and research of the Plane Scene. It is said that they guard the secrets of the Plane Scene from falling into the hands of Hotheads. They possess an extraordinary, unusually strong connection to the mind of Bravo Nolan.

Becoming a Banescholar

It has been said that only the Biggest and brightest of Baneposters may join this holy order. That said, the Banescholars have a list of minimum requirements that must be met before they will consider allowing a new member in. The requirements are as follows:

  1. You are NOT a Hothead
  2. You have been baneposting for at least one year
  3. You can recite the Plane Scene script from memory
  4. You watch the Plane Scene at least once a day
  5. You are an active Baneposter on 8chan
  6. You have made Bane OC within the last week

In addition, there may be secret requirements in order to prevent Hotheads from infiltrating the group.

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