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The Bank Scene is a predecessor to the Plane Scene created as part of the Baneposting Expanded Universe, depicted a (doubly) masked man identified as "The Joker" with a master plan revolving around leading a backstabbing group of bank robbers into an altercation with an armed bank manager, each-other and eventually him himself. Although the Bank Scene shares some common themes with the Plane Scene, the latter greatly expanded on them. As such, most of the discussion of the Bank Scene has been about the relationship between the two.

Bank Scene

The Bank Scene, discussed on /bane/

Major CharactersEdit

  • Ewan Yafrenzaded, a well-armed, firearm proficient and most of all proud bank manager with criminal connections
  • Hee Zowt, referred to by the bank robbers under him as "The Joker", who wants people to care about who he is so much that he harnesses the power of masks by wearing one on top of face paint. Following the aftermath of the bank robbery, he is, oddly, never heard from or seen again.
  • Dunnhier, a famously capable and arrogant thief, brought down by a less experienced accomplice under Hee Zowt's orders

Theories Edit

  • Ewan Yafrenzaded may be a relative or friend of CIA, or may be CIA himself, under one permutation of the Deathstroke franchise crossover theory that posits him as receiving Mirakuru supersoldier treatment after the events of the Bank Scene.
  • Alternatively, placing the Bank Scene after the Plane Scene in the timeline of the Baneposting Expanded Universe, Hee Zowt/The Joker may be CIA, driven mad post-Plane Scene.
  • There are a number of names given in the Bank Scene that don't clearly correspond to any particular bank robber: Threova Keyn, Letzdoo Dis, Thass'It Thri Guiz, Tugaizon Da Ruf, Evirgai Getza-Sheer, Faivsheers Isplendee, Makina Wiffdrawelere, Ike Hill, and Thabuss Driver. Who each name could belong to remains in dispute.
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