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The Briefcase is given to Masketta by CIA in exchange for Pavelheer. As the contents of the briefcase are never revealed, fans have posited numerous different theories as to what's inside.

Theories[edit | edit source]

  • The briefcase looks identical to the one containing the PASIV Dream Machine in another film by Bravo Nolan, Inception. Is it the same one?
  • CIA is trading his anime collection for Dr. Pavel. This collection likely consists primarily of mecha anime, most notably Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, as a form of escapism from his smallness.
  • The briefcase may contain a serum turning the person who uses it into a big guy. This may explain why investigators fell for the ploy with the Cadaver. It is also possible that CIA confused his target with Antonio Diego of Project Gilgamesh fame.
  • According to one "document" released as part of the ARG for The Dark Knight Rises, it contains $3,000,000. However, when the plane is attacked, paper can be seen flying all around the fuselage, leading to the belief that the case was switched (presumably by Maimen) and that the money inside was fake.
  • It contains Marsellus Wallace's soul.
  • It contains Christopher Nolan's Emmy Award.
  • Precious armory, gratefully accepted. They will need it.
  • It contains Hillary's emails transcripts (Plane Scene takes place 4 months after Benghazi).
  • It contains blueprints for a fake UFO ("Fallen Angel").
  • It contains one of those refugee kids Aidan Gillen is always crying about.
  • It contains a fancy new pair of pants.
  • It contains a lost Christopher Nolan film where a fictionalized version of Bane fights Patrick Bateman.
  • It contains the same set of equipment that "BOB" used to contact Philip Jefferies, or it contains information that leads to the location of the Black Lodge openings.
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