Bruce Wayne
Imagename.jpg Patrick Bateman masquerading as Bruce Wayne
General Information
Nationality American
Occupation Entrepreneur/Businessman
Size Big(?)
Portrayed by Christian Bale

Bruce Wayne is a DC Comics character referenced in the post-credit scenes with his name given as a mistaken identity, alias and/or alter ego of Patrick Bateman.

He, like Bateman, is portrayed by English actor Christian Bale.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In the DC Comics universe, Bruce Wayne is an American billionaire entrepreneur, playboy and philanthropist based in the fictional metropolis of Gotham City (not to be mistaken with the Gotham City of the post-credit scenes), and living in the spacious Wayne Manor.

In the post-credit scenes, Patrick Bateman is referred to by his peers almost exclusively by the name of this character and himself lives in a mansion frequently referred to as the "Wayne Manor".

Whether Bruce Wayne himself actually exists in the Plane Scene Expanded Universe (and, if so, whether he may have been murdered by Patrick Bateman and his identity deliberately stolen a la Paul Allen in Christian Bale's original American Psycho) or whether the use of his name by Patrick Bateman is simply an in-universe media reference as it is an out-of-universe media reference is in dispute.

Regardless, the identity of Bruce Wayne may in some way be related to that of the mysterious man wearing a bat costume who attempts to stop Bane's Master Plan in the post-credit scenes.

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