Charlie Haughey
General Information
Nationality Ireland
Occupation Taoiseach
Portrayed by Aidan Gillen

Charlie Haughey is a famous Irish politician portrayed by Aidan Gillen in the 2014 TV mini-series Charlie. He is the taoiseach (Irish for big guy, or "chief") of Ireland. He is celebrated as an influential, if controversial, prime minister and a big guy who was truly in charge here.

Theories Edit

Notably older and more haggard than any of Gillen's other roles to date (and nearly as bald as Bane himself), Haughey is thought by some to be an alias CIA took on late in life. This suggests that CIA returned to his old profession of politics, previously seen in The Wire, after finally leaving the Agency in his old age. Certainly, it would be poetry worthy of Bravo Nolan himself if CIA finally achieved his lifelong goal of being in charge in his last years of life.

Alternatively, Haughey may be another relative or ancestor of CIA, as the real-life Charlie Haughey held the office of taoiseach from 1987 to 1992 - many years before the Plane Scene takes place.

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