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The Cinematic Initiation Archive (CIA) is a collection of movies, meticulously reviewed by accredited banescholars.

The purpose of the archive is to document, study, and reveal the fire rising in non-canonical kinos. Movies in the archive are rated based upon the patented BigGuy Rating Index™. While the rating system is designed specifically for cinematic works, it has occasionally been applied to other significant works of media. [1]

BigGuy Rating Index™ Edit


The BigGuy Rating Index™

The BigGuy Rating Index™ is as follows:

+20 points: The inclusion of a Big Guy

+10 points: The inclusion of a masked man

+5 points: A "for you" line

+5 points: "You have no power over me" line

+10 points: Extreme pain is mentioned

+10 points: People get captured as part of a plan

+5 points: An heroic sacrifice (like Juan)

+10 points: Inclusion of a plane scene

+5 points: A flight plan is mentioned

+5 points: A plane gets hijacked

+5 points: A plane crashes

+10 points: With no survivors

+10 points: Mercenaries are involved

+5 points: Said mercenaries are referred to as "hired guns"

+5 points: They're quite loyal

+5 points: The mercenaries work or end up working free of charge

+10 points: (The) CIA is involved

+5 points: They're after a scientist

+5 points: CIA is in charge of operation (at first)

+10 points: There is a hothead (literal or otherwise)

+5 points: Said hothead gets gotten out (knocked out or removed from the premises)

Final Rating Edit

The counted points yield the following rankings:

0-20: Uninitiated

20-40: Hothead

40-80: Hired Gun

80-120: Big Guy

120-160: BRAVO NOLAN

Notable Ratings Edit

Dunkirk Edit

+20 points: A Big Guy is included (Tom Hardy as Farrier)

+10 points: Farrier wears a mask most of the time he is piloting the Spitfire

+10 points: Farrier gets caught by Wehrmacht soldiers at the end of the film

+5 points: Farrier sacrifices the last of his fuel to shoot down a Heinkel He 111 bomber

+10 points: There are numerous plane scenes, primarily from Farrier's point of view

+5 points: Farrier's plane crashes at the end of the film (with a rising fire). Numerous other planes crash.

+10 points: Numerous shot down planes crash with no survivors.

Final Result: 80 Points - Big Guy

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Edit

+20 points: Darth Vader is a Big Guy

+10 points: Numerous characters wear masks, such as Darth Vader and Edrio "Two Tubes".

+5 points: Numerous heroic sacrifices

+10 points: The main cast gets captured as part of the plan to get to Saw Gerrera

+10 points?: A number of scenes aboard spacecraft, of debatable "plane scene"ness.

+10 points: There is a hothead, Director Krennic, who bears resemblance to John Daggett.

Final Result: 55-65 Points - Hired Gun

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Edit

The most notable non-film media to rank high on the BigGuy Rating Index™, coming just short of a BRAVO NOLAN rating.

+20 points: Several Big Guys are present, most notably Naked Snake and Colonel Volgin

+10 points: Snake wears a mask during his HALO jump.

+10 points: The excruciating nature of Snake's torture is mentioned

+10 points: Sokolov is captured by Soviet forces as part of the plan to develop Shagohod

+5 points: The Boss sacrifices herself and her image to keep the USA free of blame in Volgin's nuclear attack.

+10 points: The game begins on a plane, and one is used for Snake and EVA to escape Tselinoyarsk.

+5 points?: Ocelot attempts to hijack the escape plane

+10 points?: Snake becomes a mercenary after the events of the game.

+10 points: Snake is a CIA agent.

+5 points: The CIA is after Sokolov, a Russian nuclear physicist, eerily similar to Dr. Pavel.

+5 points: The CIA is in charge of the operation at first, but it goes awry

+10 points: The Fear is a hothead

+5 points: He is dealt with by Snake (through either lethal or non-lethal means, though he dies regardless)

Final Result: 100-115 points - Big Guy

Interstellar Edit

+20 points: Tom is a big guy

+10 points: Crew wearing helmets, and Cooper has to wear oxygen mask for a scene

+5 points: Cooper falls into black hole to save fuel for Brand

+10 points?: Most of the movie is in a space plane

+5 points: Various flight plans mentioned

+5 points: Dr. Mann hijacks a spaceship

+5 points: and crashes it

+10 points: with no survivors

Final Result: 60-70 points - Hired Gun


Another high-ranking non-film media on the BigGuy Rating Index™.

+20 points: The Fierce Pork Trooper is quite big, and actually has a distinct resemblance to Bane.

+10 points: There is a character literally called "the Masked Man"

+5 points: An heroic sacrifice at the end of the game

+10 points: The main characters at one point end up on a plane with said Masked Man.

+5 points: The Masked Man then takes control of the plane and tries to kill the party.

+5 points: A plane is crashed at the end of the game.

+10 points: With no survivors

+10 points: Claus is a hothead.

+5 points: Claus is removed from the story before the end of the first chapter.

Final Result: 80-120 points - Big Guy

References Edit

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