TDKR sdtrck cover

Front cover of the soundtrack "Plane Scene and Extended Universe Extras"

Deshi deshi bashara bashara or officially Deshi bashara is a soundtrack which can be heard during the more action packed moments of the Plane Scene.

It was composed by Hans Zimmer.

Meaning Edit

The true nature of "Deshi bashara" chanted during this track remains a mistery of Bravo Nolan's crew. Zimmer stated that it means "rise up" in a language not disclosed, possibly Moroccan or some other Arabic dialect.

It has been theorised, however, that the sentence chanted is actually the Hungarian "Tessék, basszál rá!", which means "Here you go, f***ing hit it!"

Another theory states that the chanting was supposed to be something else but the choir was so mesmerized by the genius of the plane scene that they started chanting "Bravo, Bravo" instead

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