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Leonid Pavel
General Information
Born 2 May 1948

Lomonosov, Russia

Nationality Russian
Occupation Nuclear physicist
Affiliation Nothing! He said nothing!
Size Small
Portrayed by Alon Aboutboul

Dr. Leonid Pavel (2 May 1948 – 2013) was a Russian nuclear physicist who was sought after by both the Agency and Bane. Of course, Pavel refused Bane's offer in favor of the Agency's.

He is portrayed by Israeli actor Alon Aboutboul.

Famous Lines[]

"They're not my friends."

"Nothing! I said nothing!"

"Nothing, Icehead, nothing!"

"[Incoherent screaming]"

"Nolan! Bravo, Nolan!"

"[Continued incoherent screaming]"

"[More incoherent screaming]"


Pavel was born in Lomonosov, Russia. He served in the military from 1966 to 1970. He was married with two children. After his military service, he worked for the Russian Nuclear Energy Ministry, heading a nuclear facility in the Chelyabinsk Oblast.


Dr. Pavel's first person narrative of events in the Plane Scene and in the Expanded Universe

Because of Pavel's extensive knowledge on nuclear science, he was eventually kidnapped by Bane, Masketta Man and the League of Shadows. His family was held as collateral in Trieste to ensure Pavel's cooperation. One of the objectives of the Master Plan was to use the doctor as bait to lure out CIA. Remarkably, Pavel was able to transform a nuclear reactor into a bomb in less than twenty minutes.

The Post-Credit Scenes portray Dr. Pavelheer's untimely demise as occurring at Gotham City Stadium, with his neck being snapped by Bane in front of an onlooking crowd.

Behind the scenes[]

Leonid Pavel Nolanverse 001

A CIA document showing part of Pavel's story and attributes.

Dr. Pavel (I'm CIA) first appeared in the Plane Scene, directed by Bravo Nolan.

Also Known As[]

  • Dr. Pavelheer
  • Dr. Pavelier
  • Yaprize
  • Yerprize
  • Dr. Leeonid Yaprize Pavelheer
  • Getzda

"Yaprize" Theory[]

  • When cutting the deal with CIA, Masketta man calls Dr. Pavel 'Yaprize'. It is probably used as a nickname, which makes it possible that he was on the Master Plan's side all along. His death at Bane's hands was certainly a big favor for him, as Yaprize's clearly had suicidal tendencies: At the end of the Plane Scene, he is heard repeatedly telling Bane to let him go down with the Wreckage Brother. Finally granting Pavel his wish, Bane snaps his neck at the Stadium, ending his suffering.
  • The theory gains more plausibility if we consider that Dr. Pavel might also be identical with Getzda. Getzda/Getsda has a slavic sounding name, and he is also known to suffer from suicidal tendencies. These theories imply that Dr. Pavel was actually a double agent.
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