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"Do you have any idea who you're stealing from?! Ewan Yafrenzaded!" - Yafrenzaded upon finding his bank ransacked by The Joker and his band of goons.

General Information
Occupation Bank Manager
Affiliation Mafia
Size Small
Portrayed by William Ficthner

Ewan Yafrenzaded is the manager of a Gotham City bank owned by the Mob. He is featured in the Bank Scene.

Obviously, Yafrenzaded's bank had mob connections; a fact known to the Joker and his men but somehow not known by the Gotham District Attorney or Police Department.

Yafrenzaded was an unusual bank manager in that he knew how to handle a shotgun and was willing to use it. Unfortunately, every mobster in Gotham was a joke compared to the Man Who Laughs and his clueless henchmen.

Junior Franz R. Dedd.jpg

Also Known As

  • Out Riite
  • Ewan Euphrenzaded
  • Junior Franz R. Dedd
  • Alex
  • A. Mob Banque

"Dr. Pavel, I'm Bank."

Notes and Theories

  • Depending on how one hears the line in which he introduces himself, the identity that the character gives for himself may actually be that of Ewan Yafrenza's dad. The significance of Ewan Yafrenza in this context (is he a crime fighter whom the bank robbers would know and fear? A celebrity whom the bank robbers would know and love?) is unknown, however.