First Militant
General Information
Nationality Uzbek (presumed)
Occupation Militiaman
Size Slightly Big

An unnamed Uzbek militiaman was hired to escort Bane and his cronies, Ahyred Gunn and Amon, as well as Dr. Pavel, in Uzbekistan.

He is known to carry a Norinco Type 56-1 assault rifle and hang out with his hatted buddy.

Also Known As Edit

  • Escortta Man
  • Contemplating Facetta Man
  • Nikusha

Theories Edit

  • It is posited that he, his friend, and the Masketta Man are part of a group called the Mosquito Men, who have superhuman abilities.
  • In one part of the Plane Scene, it appears as if he is donning CIA's infamous Power Stance. This may mean that he is a big guy, that he is highly confident of himself, or that he works for the Agency.
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