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Goosefat Bill
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General Information
Nationality Londinium, England
Stand Hegira Émigré
Portrayed by Aidan Gillen

Like Littlefinger, Goosefat Bill is an ancient ancestor of CIA, dating back to 5th century England in the time of Arthurian legend. He will be portrayed by Aidan Gillen in the upcoming film King Arthur: Legend of The Sword, set for release in May 2017, directed by (Big) Guy Ritchie. The presence of "fat" in Bill's nickname might suggest that he is a big guy.

No pictures have been revealed of Aidan in costume and no details are currently known about the character aside from his name. However, this alone has sparked rampant speculation due to the use of the epithet "Bill", which CIA seemingly inherited from his long-lost ancestor, as evidenced by his true name "Bill Wilson". Whether Goosefat Bill was a contemporary of Littlefinger or if one is descended from the other is also uncertain.

Goosefat Bill's Stand has been revealed in pre-release interviews as being a long-range semi-autonomous humanoid Stand named Hegira Émigré; a "walking, talking danger sense" characterized as "an eternal wanderer always searching the world looking for things [Goosefat Bill] could make use of."