Gotham City Stadium
Gc stadium
General Information
Size Holds 68,400 people
Portrayed by Heinz Field

Gotham City Stadium was a football stadium situated in Gotham City.

It was during the early stages of the Gotham Incident that Bane destroyed a press box, killed the city's mayor Anthony Garcia, and demolished a large section of the yard line to reveal to the spectators the Neutron Bomb that he threatened to detonate, as well as exposing Dr. Pavel before ultimately fatally massaging his neck. However, the stadium did survive the incident.

It was where (from afar) Agency members, including Itten and Anna, first became aware of the Master Plan, making it an important part of the events of the Post-Credit Scenes.

It is also the home stadium of the Gotham City Rogues and the stadium in which they played against the Rapid City Monuments. The games at the stadium were notable for their poor attendance; huge empty sections of seats were common, even after the Dent Act was passed.

Football games at the stadium were rather unusual; the singing of the National Anthem is immediately followed by the kickoff, without any sort of commercial break.

The field is infamous for its poor security; Bane and his army, well aware of this fact were able to march onto the field with no resistance at all; he was even able to wait several minutes for the game to start without anybody noticing. When Bane enters the field, the entire crowd, amazingly goes silent; he is not even challenged by the drunk fans. After Bane's demise, the game was rescheduled; the Rogues killed the time by challenging the local high school team. A special draft replaced the players swallowed up by Bane's sinkhole.

It is portrayed in the film The Dark Knight Rises by Heinz Field. In the movie, the stadium is most likely sponsored by Heinz due to the fact that a Heinz logo advertisement is visible above the scoreboard in the film.

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