Gotham Incident
Gc incident
General Information
Affiliation Master Plan, League of Shadows

The Gotham Incident was a five-month event taking place in Gotham City probably taking place between August and December 2013. During the incident, the city was held hostage by noted Huge Man Bane and the League of Shadows. It is characterized by the heavy damage caused to Gotham City Stadium, the collapse of the sewer systems, nearly all bridges connecting Gotham to the outside world, and countless crashed planes with no survivors.

Recorded Deaths Edit

Theories Edit

  • It is thought that the incident was allowed by the US government to occur in order for the popularity of the Patriot Act to increase. It may be considered a false flag operation akin to the September 11th terrorist attacks on New York.
  • Near the end of the Post-Credit Scenes, Bane's attempt to blow up Gotham is foiled when a plane on autopilot (i.e. a computer-controlled flight plan) flies the bomb away from the city. Some have interpreted this event as symbolizing the victory of the Flight Plan over the Master Plan.
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