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Gotham Stock Exchange
General Information
Affiliation Master Plan, Gotham City
Size Large
  • The Gotham Stock Exchange was a large stock exchange situated in Gotham City.

During the Gotham Incident, Bane and his brothers infiltrated it in order to empty Bruce Wayne's bank account via risky stock decisions (doubling down and losing).

While there, Bane encountered a stock trader, whom he then knocked unconscious, and used his card to access the exchange's data mainframe. Curiously, the trading in stocks did not stop when Bane attacked the exchange. Even more incredibly, none of the trades were canceled despite the high profile of Bane's attack. Interestingly, if Bane had bought calls instead of puts, his plan might have worked, but, unfortunately, Bane had very little time to study finances or economics in between climbing out of pits, building a terrorist organization, getting himself captured and rendered by CIA officers, and coercing Russian physicists into building nuclear devices