General Information
Nationality American
Occupation Hired Gun
Affiliation Flight Plan
Size Sort of Big

Hugh Pediéu was one of CIA's men during Operation 98H1. He was responsible for guarding the back-side of the Wreckage Brother.

He is well known for his habit of peeing alongside the runway and being the first of the five Delta Force soldiers to die.

Also Known As

  • Pissing Man
  • Noir Hugh
  • (Possibly) Avyeu, O'vou, or O'avéauoúzx

Notes and Theories

  • It is possible that this is the last man that CIA referred to in the Flight Plan as the nomenclature of "Noir Hugh" is very similar in part to "Avyeu". Whether or not this is his actual name is up for debate.
  • In the BEU, Before killing Dr. Pavel, Bane says "only Hugh" implying that Hugh could have disabled the bomb. This may also imply that Hugh survived the crashing of the Wreckage Brother and became the mysterious man in the silly bat costume.
  • When interrogating his prisoners, CIA claims to them that Hugh had paid them to grab Dr. Pavel. The veracity of this claim is unknown.
  • This might be the "Hugh Pediéu" mentioned by CIA in the extended section of the Flight Plan.
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