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Initiation is the process of learning Banelore, in doing so becoming first a Baneposter and then a Banescholar. One familiar with Banelore may be referred to as being Initiated.

A hopeful Baneposter seeking Initiation.

After first tasting Banewisdom, most inexperienced brothers are rightfully exhilarated and wish to learn more. They eagerly continue on the path of righteousness, driven by their thirst for new knowledge. Eventually, these aspirants will become Initiated, and can then proudly call themselves Banescholars.

Initiation in the Baneposting Expanded Universe[]

"Theatricality and deception are powerful agents to the uninitiated... but we are initiated, aren't we?"

Initiation is a concept first referred to by Bane in Christopher Nolan's The Post-Credit Scenes, although no details are given on what exactly Initiation involves within The Plane Scene or the Baneposting Expanded Universe, and the only quality stated of the Initiated by Bane is their possessing a psychological resistance to theatricality and deception.

Unintiation and Hotheadedness[]

A commonplace misconception is that the uninitiated are Hotheads; but that is not necessarily so. The uninitiated are merely small guys who have not yet tasted The Fire and are not yet familiar with all it has to offer.

Unfortunately, some sad individuals do reject the Path of the Light. They apathetically refuse to indulge in the oasis of virtue that is Baneposting, and fall into a hopeless abyss of melancholy, distress and self-loathing. These repulsive cretins are called Hotheads, and if not removed from the premises can be a danger to themselves, to others, and to Baneposting as a whole.