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General Information
Nationality American
Occupation Agent
Affiliation Flight Plan

Ittin, or Itten, is a mysterious figure, presumed to be CIA's superior at the Agency, whom CIA calls to file his deceptive Flight Plan.

It is stated that he or she is in direct contact with most field operatives, including those from other agencies, such as Captain Jones.

Also Known AsEdit

  • Itten
  • ITIN
  • Frank Ittin



Could this "CIA Analyst" be Ittin? (portrayed by John Hollingworth)

  • Itten could have been shown in the Post-Credit Scenes as Bane attacked Gotham City Stadium. Fans disagree over whether he could be the younger man who speaks more (who could also be the Agent C), or the older decorated soldier (possibly General Matthew Armstrong).
  • If his name is spelled "Itten", which is a Scottish surname, he should either be Scottish or have Scottish heritage.
    • Additionally, his name could be a reference to Swiss artist Johannes Itten, whose work on color is said to be an inspiration for seasonal color analysis. Itten had been the first to associate color palettes with four types of people, and had designated those types with the names of seasons. What this has to do with the Plane Scene is up to interpretation.
  • One theory states that Ittin had actually betrayed CIA as he was the only one who knew where CIA was heading and what route he was taking. This could mean that Ittin had relayed the information to Bane's big plane for you and allowed the big guy to assassinate the agent. His motive is currently unknown and up for speculation.
  • Another possible theory states that this mysterious man may very well be the mastermind behind both the Master Plan and the Flight Plan, pitting them towards each other in a grand game of 88th Dimensional Chess. To what end he carefully set all of these actions into motion remains an enigma to this day. If this theory holds true then there may be deeper meaning behind all of the events that transpired, possibly hinting at the true motives of the Masketta Man and his compatriots.
  • After CIA mentions calling Ittin, we don't hear him speak again until the plane is in the air. Due to the gap in time between "Ittin" and CIA's next word of dialogue, it is usually assumed that "Ittin" is the last word in his sentence. However, it is possible that he is merely pausing for dramatic effect. In that case, his line reads "Get 'em on board; I'll call. Ittin, the flight plan I just filed with the Agency, lists..." Thus, Ittin may in fact be the name of the Flight Plan.
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