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Portrayed by Aidan Gillen

Fucking Ratson is an antagonist featured in the film Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials. He is portrayed by Aidan Gillen, which means he could be a representation of CIA's future escapades after he survived the plane crash. He could also be CIA's descendant in the future.

Janson is highly proficient at mathematics, as evidenced by his accurate assessment of how many things the Maze was. He is also quite well versed at the subject of human biology and wilderness survival, as he displays by declaring the kids wouldn't last one day in the Skarch.


Gillen was the top choice to play the villain in The Skarch Trials, partly due to his acting prowess displayed in the Plane Scene. According to director Wes Ball, he has been a fan of Gillen for a long time:

I saw him in Game of Thrones; that's where I knew him from. And also [the Plane Scene] and The Wire before that from HBO. When I signed on to do this movie I immediately asked, 'Get 'em on board, I'll call Ittin!'.
-Wes Ball[1] Fuck me because I spell Scorch as Skarch!;)


It is thought that Janson may represent CIA's life after surviving the crash of the Wreckage Brother as depicted in the Plane Scene, with "Janson" being yet another codename given to CIA by the Agency. Supposedly, after faking his own death in the plane crash, CIA - either due to being assigned on a mission, or of his own volition - relocated to the Skarch. As with most of CIA's life, his decision to troll a bunch of kids is related to his ongoing effort to prove his own bigness and demonstrate that he is in charge here. After his experiences with Bane, CIA learned that the best way to set a plan in motion is to target enemies smaller than himself, so that he can be a big guy, for them. This explains Janson's choice of children as targets.

Of note is that, at the climax of The Skarch Trials, Janson is depicted shooting a man and, shortly thereafter, boarding a plane. This is considered evidence for the above theory in that it may be a vestigial remnant of CIA's modus operandi, e.g., shooting men before throwing them out of a plane. Under his new identity, some of CIA's old habits seem to have survived.

Alternatively, it is posited that Janson could be a future descendant of CIA, in much the same way that CIA himself is descended from Littlefinger. Evidence for this theory rests primarily on the notion that The Skarch Trials takes place in the future, in which the entire world has become a Skarch. Whether or not this notion of a post-apocalyptic future in the timeline of the Baneposting universe is related to the experiences of a mask-wearing Bane-like character portrayed by Tom Hardy in the film Mad Max: Fury Road has yet to be proven.

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