John Blake
Blake cranial heat
General Information
Nationality American
Occupation Policeman
Size Miniscule (5'9")
Portrayed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Robin John Blake is a character featured in the Post-Credit Scenes. He is famous for being the original hothead to be removed from here by Foley. It should be noted, however, that Blake does not believe in coincidences.

He is portrayed by American actor Joseph-Gordon Levitt.

Also known as Edit

  • Kidd
  • Thishah Ted
  • Hothead

Theories Edit

  • It has been perceived that he was actually being referred to as Thishah Ted, speculated to be an obscure Himalayan god of fire. This would explain his seemingly endless hotheadedness, and his conspiring to intercede in the Master Plan.
Little johnny blake

A possible origin story for Blake's passion for law enforcement, featuring a character from the Bank Scene.

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