John Daggett
General Information
Nationality American
Occupation Corporate President
Affiliation Master Plan, Daggett Industries
Size Small
Portrayed by Ben Mendelsohn

John Daggett was the proprietor and president of Daggett Industries, an international construction company. Dagget was notable for being a variable in Bane's rise to power and an important asset to the machinations of the Master Plan.

He is portrayed by Australian actor Ben Mendelsohn.

Biography Edit

Some time before the events that transpired during Operation 98H1, Daggett had become an asset to the League of Shadows and helped supply Bane's band of mercenaries. Daggett had hoped to secure diamond mining operations in an unspecified West African country. In exchange for his money and infrastructure, Bane and his men staged a coup in that country, installing a government that would allow Daggett Industries to mine there.

Bane would later help Daggett acquire Bruce Wayne's fingerprints so he could break into the Gotham Stock Exchange and make a number of risky investments under his name, bankrupting him and lowering the company's share value in order for Daggett to buy Wayne Enterprises.

When he found out that Talia al Ghul was made head of Wayne Enterprises as opposed to himself, he threw a temper tantrum, speculating that maybe she got the position for sleeping with Wayne. At this point, his services were no longer required, thus Bane killed him.

His body was later found in a dumpster by John Blake. However, some have speculated this to be a ruse, and maintain that Daggett was required to fake his own death in order to assume his new identity as the special projects director of an interstellar empire.

Theories Edit

  • Due to his small size and his constant desire to be, or at least feel in charge, some have speculated that he is somehow related to CIA, but this relationship is currently unknown. Due to his size and remarkable lack of fear around Bane, he also appeared to be compensating for something.
  • His name might be a reference to the real world John Daggett, a mine owner and politician who served as the 16th Lieutenant Governor of California from 1883 to 1887.
  • Daggett displays characteristics similar to Patrick Bateman, the Wall Street yuppie whom everything mistakes for being Bruce Wayne. His jealousy over Talia becoming head of Wayne Enterprises is similar to Bateman's jealousy of Paul Allen (Paul Owen in the novel) getting the prestigious Fisher account (the same Fisher from Nolan's Inception?) and having a better business card then him. What this means is currently unknown.
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