League of Shadows
Los 1
General Information
Nationality Various
Affiliation Master Plan

The League of Shadows, informally referred to as LS, The Shadow Army, and Isfahan, was a mysterious organization hell-bent on ridding the world of corruption by any means necessary, most of them unsavory. It is the same organization that inspired the Master Plan and the kidnapping of Doctor Pavel.

In the Expanded Universe film Batman Begins, it is based in Tibet. However, in the Post-Credit Scenes it is most likely based in Uzbekistan, but sources point to the possibility of it also having a presence in the United States.

The league was known for its skepticism about non-violent resistance and believed fervently that all of the world's social and political problems could be combated more effectively, and ultimately solved, by ninjutsu, explosive chili powder, and vaporized fear toxin. They also believed Gotham City to be the source for all of the world's ills.

Known Members Edit

Theories Edit

  • One theory states that it is possible that the League was a psychological warfare tactic created by the Zionist Occupation Group to scare US citizens into siding against Islam. This particular theory has been pointed out as a possible allegory for the false-flag conspiracy theories brought up in the real world, with the Gotham Incident being a parallel to the September 11 terrorist attacks.
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