Ahyred Gunn demonstrating Lotta Loyalty

Lotta Loyalty is a supernatural force portrayed in The Plane Scene.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Those who possess Lotta Loyalty are known to have unshakable resolve, even in the face of perils such as being shot before being thrown out of a plane.

Applications and Origins[edit | edit source]

Lotta Loyalty is explicitly demonstrated by at least one member of Master Plan; Ahyred Gunn. The usage of the powers allows Ahyred to remain unmoved by the threats of CIA, and continue obfuscation of the purpose for Bane's mask.

It is widely understood that Lotta Loyalty operates on a hierarchy of size, as Ahyred(a medium guy), is recalcitrant towards CIA(a big guy in his own right, but miniscule compared to the bigness of Bane). This has lead scholars to believe that Lotta Loyalty is an attribute bestowed onto smaller guys by those bigger than themselves.

Many members of The Flight Plan appear to demonstrate Lotta Loyalty, as evidenced by their devoted combat against members of the Master Plan, though it is disputed if the power was imparted onto them by CIA, or by guys bigger than him such as Itten.

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