Masketta Man
General Information
Nationality Georgian (?)
Occupation Lieutenant
Affiliation Master Plan
Size Decently Big
Portrayed by Josh Stewart

The Masketta Man seems to at first be a militia man delivering Doctor Pavel to CIA in his car in exchange for a briefcase. He gets CIA to take three more men on board the Wreckage Brother - at no additional charge - by explaining to him that they work for "The Mercenary".

Later, this is all shown to be a ruse, when Bane himself is revealed to be one of the hooded men as he hijacks the Wreckage Brother.

Masketta is affiliated with Bane's mercenaries and with his own group, the Mosquito Men.

He is portrayed by American actor Josh Stewart.

Also Known AsEdit

  • Mosquito Man
  • Aye
  • Masketta
  • Barsad
  • Chivin

Expanded Universe Edit

In the later scenes the Masketta Man appears many times, as a sniper and a negotiator. He is a reliable and resourceful lieutenant in Bane's army, but eventually meets his end when he is gunned down by Foley.


  • Barsad says that the hooded men (Amon, Ahyred and Bane) work for "the Masketta Man". Does he mean himself, or is he possibly talking about Bane, the "Masked Man"? His accent could be hiding his true intent.
  • Upon hearing this, CIA performs a signature flex of his neck tendons and asks Barsad to clarify: "Bane?". Masketta's reply is as deep as any line in Bravo Nolan's meticulously polished dialogue. "Aye", he replies; an answer that could lead to a million different interpretations.
  • The two most prominent ones, however: are these: either Masketta was talking about himself (He said "I" instead of "aye"), or he was indeed talking about Bane (he actually did say ("aye").
  • Masketta Man's self-referencing is further supported by the fact that he is the only one seen taking payment (in the form of the Briefcase) in the Plane Scene, indicating that he indeed is "the mercenary."
  • It is often posited that Masketta is in fact quoting himself when he refers to "the Masketta Man." Which is to say, his true quotation is theorized to be " 'They work for the mercenary.' - The Masketta Man", with the epithet of the Masketta Man added to ensure that no one misattributes Masketta's quote.
  • It is also possible that he said "They work for the mercenary - the Muscat, Oman". The connection to this Middle Eastern capital is unknown.
  • Masketta appears to have telekinetic powers, as shown when he drove without touching the steering wheel until a couple seconds before meeting CIA.
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