Mad Max
General Information
Nationality Wasteland, Australia
Occupation Former police officer
Size Big
Portrayed by Tom Hardy

Max "Mad Max" Rockatansky is a character portrayed by Tom Hardy in the 2015 action film Mad Max: Fury Road. He is a big guy who wanders the deserts of the Wasteland, crashing many trucks, jeeps, tankers and other vehicles with no survivors.

Theories[edit | edit source]

The casting of Hardy in the role of Max has sparked much speculation among Baneposters as to the possibility of Max being related to Bane. It has been suggested that Max may represent a future identity or descendant of Bane, in an apocalyptic future where the world (or at the very least, Australia) has become a lawless desert known as the Wasteland. If this theory is true, its place in the timeline is likely to coincide with another apocalyptic future for the Baneverse, the Skarch. If this is the case, it is almost certain that Max has an as-of-yet unseen bitter rivalry with the CIA counterpart in his doomed timeline.

Other theorists look in the opposite direction and interpret the Max role as a backstory for Bane. While Max shares Bane's strength, intuition and proclivity for crashing vehicles, he has no hired guns with a lotta loyalty at his disposal and does not put any master plans into action. Instead, he spends most of the film as a prisoner, first of Immortan Joe and then of Furiosa, and speaks very few lines of dialogue. In short, no one cares who he is. However, during his imprisonment with Joe, he is affixed with a mask. Theorists believe that this is the pivotal moment in Bane's life when he first put on the mask, and that afterwards, people started caring who he was. Molded by the dark, his experiences in the Wasteland made him into the big guy he is today.

Whether the earlier portrayal of Max Rockatansky by Mel Gibson has any relation to Hardy's Bane is undetermined. However, the notions that Bane may have a deceased wife and child or a past stealing gasoline from gay biker gangs are certainly tantalizing possibilities.

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