Meme lover is a spin-off from the plane scene.


<title source="name"><default>{{PAGENAME}}</default></title>

<image source="image"/>

<data source="born"><label>'''Born'''</label></data>

<data source="nation"><label>'''Nationality'''</label></data>

<data source="occupation"><label>'''Occupation'''</label></data>

<data source="affiliation"><label>'''Affiliation'''</label></data>

<data source="size"><label>'''Size'''</label></data>

<data source="actor"><label>'''Portrayed by'''</label></data>


== Usage & preview ==

Type in this:













to see this:


|name=This is a test

|image=This is a test

|born=This is a test

|nation=This is a test

|occupation=This is a test

|affiliation=This is a test

|size=This is a test

|actor=This is a test


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