The Mosquito Men
Mosquito men
General Information
Born Various
Nationality Unknown
Occupation Hired Gun (not literally)
Size Small

The Mosquito Men ("Escortta Man" and "Beanie Bagetta Man") are the gunmen accompanying Masketta Man in escorting Dr. Pavel, Bane, Juan/Amon and Ahyred to the ZS-NVB.

The Mosquito Men remain very mysterious characters - nothing personal is known of them but that they're in some capacity henchmen of Masketta Man, and that as mere henchmen they're presumably rather small guys. The Mosquito Men are not acknowledged by any of the other characters in The Plane Scene, and themselves say nothing revealing any information about themselves (or at all). They are a part of Bane's men.


The Mosquito Men from behind (Beanie Bagetta Man obscured by Masketta Man)

The Mosquito Men Theory Edit

The Mosquito Men Theory posits the idea that Masketta has the superhuman power to persuade anyone to do his bidding, and using this power leads his own band of mercenaries officially called the Mosquito Men, of whom the Mosquito Men portrayed in The Plane Scene are but a small unit.[1]
Mosquito theory1
Mosquito theory2
Mosquito theory3
Mosquito theory4

References Edit

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