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N121TG was the registration of a Lockheed C-130A Hercules that was used as Bane's plane, the Noshur Viverse, in the Plane Scene. When not starring in a feature film, the aircraft is operated by International Air Response near Mesa, Arizona.[1]

Military history Edit

The plane now registered as N121TG was built in July 1957 at Lockheed's plant in Marietta, Georgia. The 3,119th Hercules to be constructed, it was delivered to the United States Air Force, and first used by the 314th Troop Carrier Wing under the registration 56-0511. In June of 1963, it was briefly transferred to the 322nd Air Division, before returning to the 314th in April 1964.[2]

In September of 1969, the plane was sent to Vietnam with the 40th Tactical Airlift Squadron (TAS). It later moved to the 21st, then to the 142nd TAS in October 1971. After returning to American soil, it flew in the Delaware Air National Guard until it was transferred to the 180th TAS in November 1986. When the 180th received new C-130H2 models in July of 1987, 56-0511 was sent to the 186th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron. It was put up for civilian purchase in March 1990.[2]

Civilian history Edit

When it was purchased by the Hemet Valley Flying Service of Riverside County, California, it was re-registered as N132FF. In October of 1990, it was converted to a water bomber, with the purpose of extinguishing fires. In 1997, it was purchased by the Aero Firefighting Service and went into storage in 2000.[2]

In March of 2006, the plane was taken out of storage and sold to International Air Response in Coolidge, Arizona.[2][3] On May 10, 2007, the plane received its current registration of N121TG. Starting in 2011, the plane is based out of Cardiff, Wales.

Use in the film Edit

International Air Response, which owns the plane, offers "Aerial Film and Movie Production" as a service.[4]

Like its Flight Plan counterpart, ZS-NVB, the aircraft was used in the filming of the Plane Scene between May and July 2011, at RAF Cardington, England and Inverness, Scotland.

Since being used in the scene, N121TG has returned to normal duty in Cardiff.

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