Fully-Primed Neutron Bomb
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Occupation Bomb
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The FPNB (Fully-Primed Neutron Bomb) was a WMD with a four-megaton yield and a blast radius of 6 miles (9.6 km). It was used by Bane to terrorize Gotham City and a primary reason for the execution of Operation 98H1.

Originally a fusion reactor created by Wayne Enterprises and intended as a clean energy alternative, the bomb was reprogrammed by Dr. Leonid Pavel when Bane left him no choice, threatening to end the lives of eleven Wayne board members and possibly his own family.

Pavel first heard of the device at the IEEE Symposium in 2009. Although the exact methods used to reprogram the device are unknown, it is to be noted that the core itself was removed, reassuring the bomb's detonation in 2017 (five months by Bane's calculations).

Theories[edit | edit source]

  • Many have claimed that the "movie science" behind the bomb is fairly inaccurate to real life, citing that a neutron bomb would produce much more radiation than implied in the film and that every nuclear bomb is dirty no matter whether the atoms are split or fused (fission or fusion).
  • Another factor that is overly criticized is sprung from the guesstimation that the bomb detonating over the bay would cause sufficient enough damage to kill and maim a hefty amount of Gotham's residency and that the "unknown man wearing a bat costume" actually doomed the entire city rather than save it.
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