Noshur Viverse
Noshur viverse.jpg
General Information
Occupation Aircraft
Affiliation Master Plan
Size Big
Portrayed by N121TG

The N121TG Noshur Viverse (alternatively referred to as the Noshur Vivors) was a Lockheed C-130 Hercules used by Bane and his hired guns to crash the Wreckage Brother as part of their Master Plan. It is white and considerably bigger (for you) than the Wreckage Brother. It was flown by unseen pilots.

Passengers[edit | edit source]

Theories[edit | edit source]

  • The comparative size of the Noshur Viverse to the Wreckage Brother may be symbolic to the relationship in size between Bane and CIA. This theory is supported by the fact that immediately after CIA's and Bane's "You're a big guy/For you" exchange, the Noshur Viverse makes its appearance for the first time, emphasizing the fact that it's a big plane for the Wreckage Brother. This is another example of Bravo Nolan's genius, as he shows how the conflicts of the Plane Scene occur on many different levels.
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