Noshur Viverse Pilots
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General Information
Occupation Pilots
Affiliation Master Plan, Bane's Men

The Noshur Viverse Pilot(s) are unnamed, unseen drivers of the Noshur Viverse who aided Bane and the Master Plan during Operation 98H1 by driving the plane to the Wreckage Brother with the four paratroopers and later driving the paratroopers as well as Bane and Dr. Pavel to Gotham City. They are shrouded in mystery and are never mentioned, their existence is only implied. They are a part of Bane's Men and likely the League of Shadows.

Theories Edit

  • As they are never seen, nor named, or even mentioned, it's very possible there might be one pilot, or even more than two pilots. The latter is backed up by the size of the Noshur Viverse to the Wreckage Brother, which only required two pilots. A standard C-130 Hercules has two cockpit seats, and there is no indication that the Noshur Viverse's has been modified.
  • It's possible that they could be any of the men who aid Bane during the Gotham Incident in the Post-Credit Scenes, as they are never shown on screen during the Plane Scene.
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