Since the Plane Scene 's premiere, Baneposters have created many original video works based on or inspired by the scene. Such content may involve remixing or transforming the original content of the scene, may involve applying the scene's concepts and characters to other works within and beyond the Baneposting Expanded Universe, or may involve re-examining the Plane Scene from a different perspective or with a different style in mind to that with which it was originally authored (or, in some cases, with the intent of creating a purer version of the Plane Scene than was originally able to be shown to the masses).

Some videos aim to offer an in-depth analysis of the Plane Scene and its characters and themes or to reframe it for the purpose of aiding in analysis of it and its characters and themes, while some videos serve simply as comic relief for the initiated to partake in in between more serious sessions of Banescholarship.

A notable subcategory is that of the Plane Scene redub: Videos in which the dialogue and/or sound effects of the Plane Scene is replaced with dialogue and/or sound effects from other sources or created specifically for a given dub, often voice-acted and assembled by Baneposters as a community effort.

Examples of OC Videos[edit | edit source]


In-depth Analysis of The Dark Knight Rises Opening Scene

An example of a more serious form of Baneposting video OC.


The Big Guy Theory

An example of a less serious form of Baneposting video OC.

Remixes and analyses of the Plane Scene:

Redubs of the Plane Scene:

Other video works drawing on the Plane Scene:

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