Parachute Theory
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Affiliation CIA

The Parachute Theory posits the idea that CIA survives the crash of the ZS-NVB aircraft in the infamous plane scene through the use of a parachute that he has stored underneath his jacket.

Evidence Edit

The possible parachute can be seen in The Plane Scene as CIA ends his interrogation of Ahyred Gunn, the second hooded man. While visibility is obstructed by CIA's jacket, proponents of the theory allege that the material is clearly an emergency parachute that CIA would use to survive the imminent crash. When Bane interrupts the interrogation of Ahyred Gunn, CIA may have been so shocked that he neglected to carefully hide the fact that he was wearing a parachute. However, it seems improbable that Bane noticed the parachute, as he later informed CIA that his master plan was to "[Crash] this plane with no survivors."

It is difficult to identify the specifics of the parachute itself.

A slightly different version of the theory is that Bane knew of CIA's parachute, and an agreement between the two had been made prior to the plane scene in which Bane gave CIA the parachute. The "no survivors" comment that Bane made may have been in an effort to reassure Juan, who did not have a parachute, of his fate in the wreckage.

It is possible that CIA was given a parachute by his supervisor, Agent C for use in emergencies and high risk flight plans like this one. CIA may have served in airborne forces before transitioning to the CIA, which would also explain his presumed training in the use of a military grade parachute.

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