Phillip Stryver
General Information
Nationality American
Occupation Executive President
Affiliation Master Plan
Size Big-ish
Portrayed by Burn Gorman

Phillip Stryver was the Executive Vice President of Daggett Industries during the Gotham Incident and Daggett's most trusted counterpart.

He was eventually sent into exile by Crane when he overstayed his welcome.

He is portrayed by English actor Burn Gorman.

Theories[edit | edit source]

  • When he is held trial before Crane's kangaroo court, he attests to being 'Juan Avyeu' and pleads for the right to speak to Bane. It is possible that 'Juan Avyeu' (among other spellings) is a code name for "an important person among seemingly equal peers" and a mondegreen of "one of you".
  • It is possible that when he fell through the ice in "The Land of the Cold Sweat", he survived. Evidence to support this theory suggests that the water temperature was between 10 and 40° F (-12.2 and 4.4° C), with the average amount of time one can survive [underwater] in that temperature being from 1 to 3 hours. In Stryver's circumstance, it is possible that he was able to climb back out of the water and crawl slowly back to shore (assuming that he did not drown or freeze to death on the icy surface).
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