Mae and Dae
Mae and dae
General Information
Occupation Pilots
Affiliation Flight Plan
Size Pretty Small

The Pilot and Co-Pilot are the two men flying the Wreckage Brother during the Plane Scene.

Along with CIA's men, the Pilots appear to have noticed the presence of the Noshur Viverse but took no actions to warn CIA or avoid it.

Also Known As

  • Mae and Dae
  • Mayday/Mayday
  • Mae Dae and Ijuss or Ayjuss
  • May and Cooper


  • The co-pilot's striking resemblance to Matthew McConaughey has led some to theorize that he is a relative of the actor's character from another film by Bravo Nolan, Interstellar. As that film is set in the future, the co-pilot could perhaps be the character Cooper's grandfather, who passed on his love of aviation to his children and grandchildren. This could mean that the co-pilot's name is actually Cooper.
  • Mae and Dae are not listed on the Flight Plan, despite clearly being on the Wreckage Brother at the behest of CIA. It is possible that the Agency was unaware of their presence, and they purposefully stayed positioned below the Noshur Viverse, allowing Bane to crash the plane with no survivors.
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