"You're a short guy, for a stormtrooper."

Sheevposting (derived from Sheev Palpatine) is a variation of Baneposting that is centered around Star Wars references. With the resurgence of the Star Wars franchise, Sheevposting has grown considerably due to Star Wars' own huge amount of bewildering lines.

Most prominent are quotes from the prequel trilogy, a series famously shying away from material befitting of a space epic and deeply exploring and deconstructing advanced motifs such as Midichlorians, Trade Blockades, Imperial Diplomacy, and horizontal spinning.

Sheevposting draws many parallels with Baneposting, with "Bravo, Lucas" mirroring "Bravo, Nolan," and many posters calling to attention such brilliant writing as "from my point of view the jedi are evil" and "It's treason then..." and trying to piece together a greater meaning.

Sheevposters should not be seen as rivals, as some show the same spirit of critical examination and imagination that has helped Big Guys lift the Plane Scene out of obscurity

Examples of Sheevposting[edit | edit source]

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