General Information
Occupation Hired Gun
Affiliation Flight Plan
Size Somewhat Big
Portrayed by Jonathan Cohen

John Smee is one of the hired guns assisting CIA in the retrieval of Doctor Pavel from Uzbekistan. He is known for his distinct "duck-face" and his proclivity to chewing tobacco (or gum).

Smee is listed on the Flight Plan by CIA, along with Maimen, Doctor Pavel, Heer, Button-Lee, and Juan Aveyu (or Hugh).

He is portrayed by stuntman Jonathan Cohen.

Also Known As Edit

  • Schmi
  • Schbvmié

Theories Edit

  • As with Heer and Maimen, Smee is often accused of betraying CIA and working with Bane for his own personal gain. This is brought to attention when he and Heer apparently help to untie Amon and Ahyred Gunn, explaining why later on in the same scene why the two are miraculously free.
  • Characters in Mad Max: Fury Road have a habit of exclaiming the battle cry "Witness Smee!". If Mad Max and the Plane Scene take place in the same universe, it's possible that Smee, after surviving the wreckage of the Wreckage Brother, became a warlord in desolate, rural Uzbekistan. As the apocalypse progressed, Smee's cult of personality evolved to the point where, by the time of the movie, the Warboys worship him as a deity. Smee was perhaps Immortan Joe's father; in fact, it's fully plausible that he is indeed Immortan Joe himself; the breathing mask and flesh lacerations being evidence of medical complications he suffered during the plane crash.
  • In the Post-Credit Scenes, Patrick Bateman says to Alfred, "If this man is everything that you say he is, then this city needs Smee," suggesting that Smee did indeed survive the wreckage and moved to Gotham where he met Bateman.
  • In the first part of the Plane Scene during CIA's exchange with Masketta Man, Smee can be seen chewing something. It's been theorized to be either gum or chewing tobacco.
  • Smee may have had a cat that he missed dearly.
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