I can imagine this page exploding with interpretations.

We might need some clicky-hidey-and-showey-thingy. Does that exist on a wiki? I'm a scholar of baneposting, not of formatting

Not sure what you mean by that, friend. Regardless, I did a lot of cleaning up on the page, and I think it looks pretty tidy now. I shortened the opening paragraph, removed some sections that only contained a recap of the plot, moved the theories to their own section, and made a new section for the all-important "For You" exchange. This should be a good platform to build on. InChargeHere (talk)

"For example, CIA's initial carefree stance soon changes to frustration and sexual tension when he interrogates Bane, which then escalates to an unrestrained fistfight between Bane and CIA reminiscent of sexual passion. The anguished expression on CIA's face at the end of this fight could be interpreted as signifying climax. "

What the FUCK did I just read

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