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The Fire is a term used in the Plane Scene in this exchange between Juan and Bane:

"Have we started The Fire?"
-"Yes! The Fire rises."

Further references can be found in the Post-Credit Scenes, in which Bane confronts an unknown man wearing a bat suit:

"You'll just have to imagine The Fire"

Speculation exists as to his precise meaning, but there are several plausible theories, some of which are listed here.

Possible interpretations of The Fire[]

The Fire can be considered to be an allegory for the fire within a man's head, which when risen turns him to a hothead; if this is to be believed, Bane's intention is to spread hotheadedness.

The Fire could also be a metaphor for Bane's Master Plan, the success of which could be likened to a spreading, rising fire. This would tie in with fire imagery throughout the Post-credit Scenes.