The Fire is a term used in the Plane Scene in this exchange between Juan and Bane:

"Have we started The Fire?"
-"Yes! The Fire rises."

Further references can be found in the Post-Credit Scenes, in which Bane confronts an unknown man wearing a bat suit:

"You'll just have to imagine The Fire"

Speculation exists as to his precise meaning, but there are several plausible theories, some of which are listed here.

Possible interpretations of The FireEdit

The Fire can be considered to be an allegory for the fire within a man's head, which when risen turns him to a hothead; if this is to be believed, Bane's intention is to spread hotheadedness.

The Fire could also be a metaphor for Bane's Master Plan, the success of which could be likened to a spreading, rising fire. This would tie in with fire imagery throughout the film.

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