The Inception Hypothesis seeks to explain the differences between the Plane Scene and the Expanded Universe by proposing that both are different dreams. One element in favor of the theory is the repeated inclusion of the briefcase in works by Bravo Nolan.

An extended discussion on the Plane Scene as a dream and on its links to Inception.

The Theory[edit | edit source]

The Plane Scene[edit | edit source]

In the first five minutes of TDKR, CIA is trying to find out Bane's secrets. He gets greedy, and questions Bane's hired guns before Pavel. The big guy takes this opportunity to humiliate the agent by waking him up with the "kick".

The After-Plane Scene[edit | edit source]

For the rest of the movie, Bane attempts to steal business secrets by entering the minds of Patrick Bateman and Selina Kyle. Bane proves unprepared for the extraction, as Bateman's mind invents a bat-like creature to fight the big guy while the two try to wake up. At the end of the movie, they have escaped and can be seen discussing some common interests, probably including music.

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