The Joker
General Information
Born Unknown
Occupation Clown
Affiliation Himself
Size Laughibly small
Portrayed by Heath Ledger

The Joker is a clown and the villain of the BEU film The Dark Knight. He is seen trying to Learn the identity of a local vigilante. He has also been known to preach his philosophy to everyone he meets. This includes anarchism, the belief people will turn to cannibalism if their life depends on it, and that the guy who planed the job can sit it out and still take a slice. As a clown, The Joker performs magic for all who may bear witness. However, due to the unethical and illegal nature of his magic, this results in his imprisonment. despite his relatively small size, The Joker is able to preform impressive feats, mostly due to his strategic thinking. This has led to many people liking to see his schemes play out on their screens. One example is the bank scene, in witch he successfully orchestrates the bank robbers killing each other off one by one in order to increase their share. another aspect of The Joker is his origins. They are kept a complete secret and he offers multiple stories as to how he became what he is. He claims his father carved his scars with a knife, but later claims to someone else that he cut himself whilst trying to eat a razor in order to cheer up his wife.

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