The Seven Wonders of the Baneposting World are seven historical baneposts which had significant influence on the Bane community, and the world at large.

Tom Hardy Reddit AMA

4chan /tv/ crashes the big guy's Reddit interview with no survivors.

Germanwings Flight 9525

An alleged Baneposter crashes his plane into the Les Baines mountains, leaving 150 in the wreckage.

Bane Star

Caleb Pearl creates the anthem of Baneposters.


Masketta Man's debut album defines the genre of Banecore.

/tv/ dubs The Dark Knight Rises

Over 40 /tv/eterans lent their voices to craft a tribute to the Citizen Kane of Evanjellyon. Every line, special effect, and music instrument was done by voice. 20 people alone performed the "DESHI BA SARA".

A Tale of Big Guys (for you)

/bane/'s Maxima Opus, Brothers of 8ch hand-draw thousands of frames of the plane scene, stitched together in the style of a-ha's "Take Me On" Music Video.

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