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This page consists of a timeline of the in-universe events important to the story behind the Plane Scene. Contributions are helpful, although this timeline may never be complete.

It is to be noted that interpretations of this timeline varies greatly. The exact dates may never be known.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

1948 May 2 Dr. Leonid Pavel is born in Lomonosov, Russia.

Probably 1960s Bill Wilson is born.

Early 2000s Bill Wilson joins The Agency and becomes CIA.

Early 2013 or 2016 Operation 98H1 commences and CIA "dies."

Summer 2013 or 2016 Bane attacks Gotham City and the Gotham Incident begins. Dr. Pavel dies.

Winter 2013 or 2016 The Master Plan fails and Gotham City is given back to the people.

Timeline shifting[edit | edit source]

The exact date and year in which the Plane Scene (Operation 98H1) takes place is heavily debated. Because of this discrepancy the various other events in the series are also put into question.

The Plane Scene is placed anywhere from December 2011, coinciding with the start of Baneposting and the reveal of the scene in question; to early 2012, coinciding with the film's release year; as well as January 2013 (January 19th specifically) based on observations of surrounding events; and finally, it has been placed in late 2015 or early 2016 based on other supposed sources.

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