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This page consists of a timeline of the real-world events important to the Plane Scene and to Baneposting. Contributions are helpful, although this timeline may never be complete.

A brief history of baneposting, as of August 2015.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

1839 William Wilson is published.

1859 A Tale of Two Cities is published.

1888 November 11 Swiss artist Johannes Itten is born in Wachseldorn, Switzerland.

1936 July 5 Brendan James Nolan is born in Woolwich, London.

1942 Christina Jensen is born in Rocky River, Ohio.

1957 July N121TG, a Lockheed C-130A Hercules, is manufactured for the U.S. Air Force.

1960 November 30 Emma Thomas, producer for The Dark Knight Rises and wife of director Christopher Nolan, is born in London, England.

1961 July 8 Walter C. Pfister, cinematographer for The Dark Knight Rises, is born in Chicago, Illinois.

1965 May 28 Alon Moni Aboutboul, who plays Doctor Leonid Pavel, is born in Kiryat Ata, Israel.

1968 April 24 Aidan Murphy, who plays CIA Agent William Joseph "Bill" Wilson, is born in Drumcondra, Dublin, to Denis Murphy and Patricia Gillen. He is the youngest of six children.

1969 Matthew Francis Nolan, first child of Brendan and Christina Nolan, is born.

1970 July 30 Christopher Jonathan James Nolan, acclaimed director of The Dark Knight Rises and other films, is born in Highgate, London.

1976 June 6 Jonathan Nolan, screenwriter of The Dark Knight Rises and younger brother of director Christopher Nolan, is born in Highgate, London.

1977 February 6 Joshua Regnall "Josh" Stewart, who plays Barsad, is born in Diana, West Virginia, to Charles and Margaret Stewart.

1977 September 15 Edward Thomas "Tom" Hardy, who portrays Bane, is born in Hammersmith, London to Edward and Elizabeth Hardy.

1982 February 12 Samuel James "Sam" Kennard, playing Sergeant Gerald "Meiman" Rodriguez, is born in Grimsby, England.

1986 Aliash or Aljaz Tepina, playing Juan, is born in Kranj, Slovenia.

1988 September ZS-NVB, an Embraer E-110P1 Bandeirante, is manufactured for the Brazilian Air Force.

1989 Aidan Murphy changes his name to Aidan Gillen in order to join Equity, as there was already an Aidan Murphy in the organization.

1993 In a DC comic, Bane is first referenced to as a big guy.[1]

1996 August 6 CIA's ancestor Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish first appears in George R. R. Martin's fantasy novel A Game of Thrones.

1997 Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas are married.

1999 Aidan Gillen gets his breakout role as Stuart Jones in Queer as Folk.

2008 The Bank Scene is released.

2009 November 25 Brendan Nolan, father of Christopher and Jonathan Nolan, dies in Highgate, London.

2010 October 26 is registered by Warner Bros. Entertainment.

2010 November 27 Plans to film The Dark Knight Rises at the RAF Cardington hangar are announced in Variety.

2011 January 19 Warner Bros. officially announces that Tom Hardy is lined up to play Bane.

2011 May 19 Filming begins for the Plane Scene at RAF Cardington, with principal cast.

2011 May 25 Final day of filming for the scenes containing the principal cast members.

2011 June 28 Stunt filming begins over the Scottish Highlands, with the planes based out of Inverness Airport.

2011 July 1 Filming for the scene resumes at RAF Cardington.

2011 July 5 As stunt shooting concludes, a stuntman falls and parachutes into Kingussie, Scotland.

2011 July 11 The Plane Scene wraps.

2011 December 8 Members of the press receive a private screening of the scene. Almost immediately, distorted descriptions of the scene appear online. The scene is criticized for Bane’s unintelligible dialogue.[2]

The first recorded banepost, on /tv/.

2011 December 12 At 11:53 am EST, the audio of the scene is leaked to 4chan’s /tv/. At 12:22, an anonymous user baneposts for the first time.

2011 December 13 At 10pm, a selection of IMAX theaters show the Plane Scene to the general public for the first time.

2012 July 16 The Dark Knight Rises is released in its final form. Bane’s voice has been redubbed to be more audible. There is also the addition of post-credit scenes, most of which revolve around Bane.<ref name="Premiere>http//</ref>

2012 July 20 James Edgar Holmes puts on a gas mask and opens fire on the audience of The Dark Knight Rises in a theater in Aurora, Colorado, crashing the screening with no survivors.

2012 August The Dark Knight Rises Prologue app is released.[3]

2013 June 29 ZS-NVB crashes near Francistown Airport, Botswana.[4]

2015 March 10 Flight 4U 9525 crashes with no survivors near Dinge-les-Bains.[5][6]

2015 March 26 The Daily Mail publishes baneposts about the crash, attributing them to users on "some pilot forums."[7]

2015 June 22 Flight Plan composer James Horner dies in plane crash.[8]

2015 September 9 CIA's descendant Janson is featured in Maze Runner The Skarch Trials.

2016 April 5 CIA gained the power of precognition and became the villain in Quantum Break.

2017 January 20 United States President Donald Trump quotes Bane in his inauguration speech.

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